The US edition of The A to Z of You and Me is out now, via Sourcebooks. It sports the excellent black cover design by Leo Nickolls. A special edition is available from Target stores and if you’re playing the odds, I have signed a limited number of these in person, at great personal and psychological cost.

Rocco in Brazil has prepared a beautiful edition, entitled Eu e você de A a Z (or ‘Me and you from A to Z’), translated by Alyda Sauer.

The German edition of Das Alphabet der letzten Dinge (or ‘The alphabet of last things’) is out now from Eichborn. It has been translated by Eva Bonné, who has managed by skill and serendipity to translate all the body-parts into German and retain the alphabetical structure. Think about that for a while.

Physical and digital formats of The A to Z of You and Me are available in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

An audiobook, narrated by Peter Noble, is available from Audible, with a free sample of the opening section available here.